Who will be there when you are not ?

Follow our step-by-step plan to prepare your child for the future (and keep them safe after you’re gone).

Help for parents of adult children with intellectual disability can be hard to find, but with the Safe & Secure online program, you’ll never worry about the answers to the big questions again. In just six easy steps, you will secure a promising future for your child. We provide:

  • All the answers you need about disability planning to prepare for your child’s future
  • Practical skills and access to resources relating to disability estate planning, disability trusts, and independent living
  • A well-deserved sense of optimism!
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The Safe & Secure program combines practical guidance and expert information in one place that helps families navigate complex issues.
Jennifer Dixon, Practice Leader,
Moores Legal, Victoria

Our online program

Through the Safe and Secure online program, you’ll learn how to build a roadmap for your child’s long-term future from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in Australia.

Do you feel lost when you think about your next steps as a family?

Do you worry about keeping your child safe and protecting their independence and financial future?

Do you want to learn about disability wills and trusts and get help to safeguard the future through disability planning?

We’re here to help. Once you complete the program, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that your child will have the support and protection they need, even when you can no longer provide it.

As a parent to a child with an intellectual disability, you’re most likely familiar with the uncertainty and ongoing stress of planning for the future.

Watching your child struggle with everyday tasks and supporting them through those experiences can be tough. You might worry about how they will manage their everyday life when you are no longer around to help them.

You might even feel disheartened at the thought of your intentions for your child going unrealised, with the right plan in place you can make sure they’ll always be protected and have the support they need.

Take the Safe and Secure online program and turn your hopes, dreams, and intentions into confidence, answers, and an easy-to-understand action plan for the future.

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Going through this process has lifted such a weight off our shoulders. We just felt it gave us so much peace of mind.
Margaret, Parent

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Download answers to the 10 most common questions our parents ask

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After completing the 6 steps, you will…

Have an answer to the question, “who will be here when I’m not?”

Be inspired and motivated by other families’ real-life stories.

Have developed a personalised, practical, and effective plan for the future for your child that comprehensively addresses the challenges ahead.

Know where to turn for help and feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.

Be equipped with the knowledge you need most, including an understanding of legal, financial, and other significant considerations.

Be able to envision a good life for your child and understand how to help make that vision a reality.

Access our podcast, where we interview family members of our clients as well as financial advisors and lawyers who specialise in disability matters.

Read up on expert advice from lawyers, planners, disability professionals, and other parents.

Learn at your own pace with 6 online steps


Clarify your vision

Start with your dreams and ideas

See the future opportunities ahead and decide what you want for yourself and your child at every stage of life.

Know that you can do something now to make a difference in the future.

What's included

1 Video
3 x Worksheets


Building Relationships

No one will ever be able to look after your family member in the same way that you do, with all the love, care and determination that you bring every day.

The problem is, unless you've tapped into the fountain of youth, you simply won't always be here. It’s the thing that you worry about the most, the thing that keeps you up at night.

What's included

1 x Worksheets
1 x Podcast


Home is Where the Heart is

A home of our own. Its a significant dream for most of us. A home, particularly one we own, represents stability and security.

Most people view home ownership as a given but is that true people with disabilities and what are the possibilities?

What's included

1 x Worksheets
1 x Podcast


Steps to Creating a Secure Future

What do we really want for our family member? On the one hand we want to protect them from the potential for discrimination, exploitation, abuse, and neglect.

On the other hand, we want to assert their essential humanity, their self-determination, and focus on their inherent ability and not their disability.

What's included

1 x Worksheets


Your Will and Estate Plan

Your will and estate plan is about finding the best way to carry out your final wishes for your family after you die.

In this important step we provide essential and up to date information about wills, trusts, and estate planning, and suggest the best tools to use when you have a family member without legal capacity.

What's included

2 x Videos
1 x Worksheets
1 x Podcast


Securing Your Plan

Having taken the journey to here you will have noticed how each step builds on the others offering the opportunity for protection and peace of mind, and leading to your very own Future Plan.

What's included

1 Video
1 x Summary Checklist

Meet your Experts

Our experts have a wealth of experience in guiding parents through this process, and are also specialists in their own right across fields like law, succession planning and disability services.

Future Living CEO, Yvonne Parnell, has personally met with hundreds of families and guided them towards a long-term future plan that works for their specific needs. Yvonne runs the Safe & Secure program with Lawyer Kerin Smart and Estate Planner Mike Sayer, and together, they regularly present at the highly regarded Safe & Secure forums run by Future Living.

Plus hear directly from parents telling their story, as well as Special Disability Trust expert - Andrew Hopkins, and from legal experts at Moores Victoria.

  • 3 specialist presenters
  • Over 45 combined years of disability experience
  • More than 1000 happy clients served

Not sure where to start?

Download answers to the 10 most common questions our parents ask

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Created by Future Living

Future Living is a charitable disability organisation based in WA. Along with our expert partners and advisors, we have spent more than 30 years helping parents like you safeguard the future of their children with intellectual disability. We’ve also been running Safe and Secure seminars for carers and families for over 7 years, and now we’re making this content accessible online to people all across Australia.

We understand how you feel, we know what it takes to make this process as easy as possible, and we’re here to help you. Join now, and take the first step of your journey.


How do I complete the course?

All you need to do is log on and take in each module at your own pace. Each module includes a number of resources, ranging from videos and text to worksheets and podcast episodes, but don’t worry - you won’t be tested on any of the content.

How long will it take to complete the course?

There is no time limit, but if you’re keen to get through it, the course content can be completed in just a few sessions. There are six modules including videos, podcast episodes, written content, links to other relevant sites, and easy-to-complete printable worksheets.

Where will the course content be available?

The course is available online so you can learn from anywhere in Australia, as long as you have an internet connection.

What is the money for?

The $49 you pay for the course covers our costs in developing and maintaining the content so that it is always up to date. The information in our course is developed by Future Living, an organisation that has been helping families of adult children with intellectual disabilities to plan and implement services to provide a long-term secure future for over 30 years.

What if I need further support or assistance after I have completed the course?

Future Living is here to help with any concerns that go beyond the Safe and Secure course. The Safe and Secure online portal contains a wealth of valuable content designed solely to help families of adult children with intellectual disabilities safeguard their long-term future.

For more than 30 years we have offered extensive disability planning services and individual advice on estate planning and wills, trusts (including Special Disability Trusts), and independent living needs, as well as establishing future protection through trustee services and advocacy.

How does the information in this course align with the NDIS?

The Safe and Secure course is created in alignment with the NDIS. Future Living also offers a range of NDIS-funded services and programs such as Circles of Support and Support Coordinations that help to increase your child’s independence and ability to participate.

What if I live in a regional or remote area?

No problem! The Safe and Secure course is accessible from anywhere in Australia, as long as you have an internet connection. You’ll need internet access to watch the course videos and download the additional resources.

How else can I get involved with Future Living?

Future Living provides an extensive range of resources for parents of adult children with intellectual disability, including face-to-face seminars, consultations, and a regular newsletter.

Protect your child’s future and your own peace of mind with a Future Plan.

Your journey starts here.

Lifetime access

  • Six modules full of easy-to-understand, practical information that you can work through at your own pace, from anywhere in Australia
  • Engaging multimedia content including podcasts, worksheets, and videos
  • A personalised future plan for you and your child that puts you in control of the decision-making process and gives you peace of mind
  • Unlimited access to online tools, information, and expert advice without an expiry date, so that no question goes unanswered
  • Inspiring case studies based on families who have been through the Safe and Secure process, so you can see the process and the benefits in action
  • Easy-to-follow guided instructions
$49 (no GST)

Not sure where to start?

Download answers to the 10 most common questions our parents ask

Download Now

There’s no time like the present to put a plan in place for your child’s future.

Take our 6 steps
towards clarity and peace of mind today.

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